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Thanks for using this YouTube name generator! So let me guess… You were trying to come up with a cool account name and realized that unless you get some help and inspiration from the outside, this will take hours? Or maybe you did come up with the name that seemed absolutely perfect and it appeared to be already in use? Yes, “that’s a bummer”, to put in mildly and politely… Bu if we are speaking honestly, this is extremely annoying. Sure, if you don’t think about it too long, there seems to be one easy and effective way to solve this problem. You could simply add some random additional symbols to the name you wanted on the first place and try to register again.
However, we do not recommend you going this way. Especially if you have some really high hopes about becoming a famous blogger or an owner of extremely popular YouTube channel. The reason why is pretty simple: people won’t be able to remember it. To be more particular, it will probably be only the meaningful part (the one that consists of actual words) that will stick in their heads, meanwhile the random symbols you added just to make it “original” will fade out of their memories within a few minutes. And what happens when they try to find you by searching the only part of the name that they can remember? They will be directed to the channel whose name you have stolen (let’s not try to sugarcoat it, because you know you kind of did…).
So what we suggest is that you don’t resort to using such cheap tricks and use this YouTube name generator to find a truly original name instead. Sure, we don’t have a technology to read you like an open book (at least not yet…), thus we cannot provide you with a personalized suggestion that would reflect you character or/and indicate about the content of your channel. However, you can always improve our suggestions to make them meet both of these requirements. Believe me, once this YouTube name generator provides you with a cool base for the name this won’t be difficult at all. It will be enough to add a “keyword” and you’ll be good to go. That’s all you have to know for now, so click the button below this text and start looking! We hope you will find this YouTube name generator really useful!

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