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Thanks for using this YouTube channel name generator! So what kind of channel are you going to create? Will it be something for your friend to share videos? Or are you aiming at the wider audience? If this is going to be a channel for your friends, the name you choose is not that important. Of course you still don’t want something lame (why would you?), but what we mean is that even if you really fail at this step it won’t have any consequences. No matter how stupid is the name of your channel is, your friends will check it out because it is yours and that is what friends do. And if it is not unbearably boring, they will stay, watch your videos and maybe contribute from time to time.
However, if you have some bigger aspirations than to get your friends to lake your channel, if you want to attract wider audience or even go international and become a world famous vloger… If this is the case, you will really need this YouTube channel name generator to help you come with an appropriate name. People you don’t know won’t do you any favors. And if your channel name is lame, it is likely that they will refuse to check it out, even if you ask them personally. But don’t worry, as we have already said, this won’t happen if you take this task seriously and use this YouTube cannel name generator.
So… You might be wondering what in particular we meant when we said “appropriate name”. This broad description could actually be broken down into detailed characteristics. First of all, the name has to raise curiosity and this is unlikely to happen if you choose something extremely straight forward, like “FunnyVids”. Second, a good YouTube channel name should be easy to remember, so your fans would find their way back whenever they want. Usually shorter names are easier to remember (yes, this is Captain Obvious, who am I speaking to?), but this is not some general rule. For example, the name Epic Rap Battles of History is pretty long, but it is easy to remember, because it has a clear meaning.
Now enough, we and our tips have kept you from starting to use this YouTube channel name generator long as it is… Why don’t you just go ahead and click the button that reads “Generate YouTube Channel Names” already?

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