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Thanks for choosing this Xbox live name generator! Is this the first time you are trying to register for some online game or gaming network? This does not seem likely… And if you are not completely new at this, you don’t need to be told that picking a name is a pretty difficult, as well as important task. No matter what games you are going to play, the name you choose will have a huge influence on your overall image. Some people go as far as to say that a poorly chosen, lame name is enough of a reason for others to see you as a looser or/and completely ruin your chances of improving your reputation. I must say this is a bit of an exaggeration. If you are a good player, sooner or later the other gamers are going to notice this and begin to respect you for your skills. However, this might take a while: numerous psychological tests show that first impression is extremely hard to change.
Needless to say, the obvious disrespect from other players could really take the fun out of the game… In order to make sure you don’t have to go through this, we have developed the Xbox live name generator, which runs on a huge database of carefully chosen words. We do not expect you to like all of them equally, but you will probably agree that absolute majority of our suggestions are pretty cool, thus no matter how bad you are at making choices, you chances of picking a lame name are rather small. In fact, they are smaller than you winning in a lottery.
Now if you trust your taste (and you totally should), there are always ways to improve the suggestions provided by this Xbox live name generator. Here are some ideas. First of all, you could start by picking your favourite game and then change your name in such a way that it would refer to some character/gun/symbol that features in it. Second, you could extend your own name by adding the name of your clan (if you belong to one). If you choose to go this way, our name will look something like [Clan name] Shadow. And last but not the least of our tips: add your real initials to your gaming name to make it more personal. I guess that is all we had to say… Now why don’t you go ahead and check this Xbox live name generator out!

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