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Thanks for using this Wu name generator! So if you landed on this website, I bet you are a fan of Wutang clan. And just like me, you are probably a little confused hearing the news that the members of this legendary rap group do not seem to be getting along very well lately… RZA mentioning that he and GZA, his fellow rapper who shares the similar stage name (RZA is short for Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah and GZA is short for (God Zig-Zag-Zig Allah) and much of the same history, “haven’t been on the same page for years”, then blaming not only GZA but also Reakwon and Ghostface Killah for not putting enough effort into their common album (A Better Tomorrow), which was supposed to reach us in July 2013…. All this does not sound very good. Well, let’s just hope it is all temporary and in the nearest future we will hear all of them rapping together again.
For now, let’s talk about this Wu name generator. Even people who are not the greatest fans of this rap group, but feel close to the street culture and rap music in general, agrees that its members did a pretty good job picking their nicknames. They are powerful, they are memorable and somehow they just shout that people behind them are not the ones that could be pushed around. If we were right to guess that you admire this group, you probably know everything about its members. I bet there is even a poster of this clan somewhere in your room that does not allow you to forget them. However, if among our visitors who are going to use this Wu name generator are some who are not that well informed, here we have a short lists of main WuTang Clan member nicknames, along with their alias and real names.
In addition to RZA and GZA, which we have already mentioned, there are Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Russell Tyrone Jones, alias Dirt Dog, O.D.B., Big Baby Jesus and Joe Bananas), Method Man (Clifford Smith, alias Jonny Blaze, Meth, Tical, Methtical, Iron Lung and Shakwon), Reakwon (Corey Woods, alias Lex Diamonds, Shallah Reakwon, Reakwon the Chief), Inspectah Deck (Jason Hunter, alias Rollie Fingers and Rebel INS), Ghostface Killah (Denis Colles, alias Starky Love and Tony Starks), Masta Killah (Jamel Arief, alias High Chief and Noodles) and U-God (Lamont Hawkins, alias Lucky Hands and Golden Arms). That’s it, now go ahead and start using this Wu name generator!

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