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Thanks for choosing this World of Warcraft name generator! Now if you are reading this text, you would probably agree that WoW is a real digital masterpiece. There is no need for us to praise it: this game advertises itself. The word about this game just spreads from mouth to mouth and now even those who have never tried playing World of Warcraft themselves know that this game is pretty amazing. In fact, the universe of WoW makes the real world look a little dull and boring… This is one of the reasons why it is sometimes described as “game version of a pure heroin”. Of course, this saying is mean to be a joke, but we gave to agree that it has the point too.
Now not everything about WoW is as fun as we might want… Before the adventure starts you have to complete one task that can be a real mood killer: you must pick an original name for your character. You think this is easy? Well obviously, you have never tried to do it… If this is not true and you have actually managed to come up with a cool and original name within a few minutes in the past, you should probably consider a career in some creative industry, because man… You are gifted. Congratulations for that, but not all of us have an extraordinary imagination and enjoy thinking up names. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem, as the World of Warcraft name generator will provide you an easy access to thousands of different name combinations that fit into the WoW universe just as good as if they were created by the developers of this wonderful game.
So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you curious to check this World of Warcraft name generator by yourself? Just click a button right below this text and the new suggestion will appear in less than a second. If it does not, you should really think about changing your internet provider… Now here a couple of thoughts on how to make the suggestions generated by this system even cooler: you could add the name of your clan (if, of course, you belong to one) or your initials as a prefix or a suffix. This way the name will be more original and the chances that it is already in use will be lower (although they are rather few as it is). We hope you will have lots of fun using this Word of Warcraft name generator!

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