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Thanks for using this witch name generator! Ages ago women suspected with witchcraft were feared and this fear led people to do most horrible things. Nobody knows how many innocent women have died in terrible pains because of superstition and ignorance of their fellow villagers. When thinking about this historical period many of us, as part of humanity, still feel shame and guilt. However, things have changed and today witch characters are incredibly popular. They feature in countless television series, video games, movies, books and even song lyrics. You must have noticed that today they are rarely portrayed like in the old days: as old and ugly women with messy gray hear and warts. When talking about a modern witch characters we usually have to use the word “charming” and in this case it has two meanings: it indicates both about their supernatural powers and about physical attractiveness.
So I guess you have formed an impression about the purpose of this witch name generator from what has been already said. Yes, this system is meant to help you find names for your massively multiplayer online game characters, or if you are a writer, your book/screenplay characters. It does not matter if the which you chose as your playing character (or the one you are portraying in your story) is rather stereotypical, old and ugly, or modern- the kind of witch that could walk down the street without raising any suspicion. The witch name generator we have developed will offer you names that suit both of these types.
Plus, we have included some suggestions that resemble the names of witches that are rarely mentioned in the modern writings and visual forms of art, but are often mentioned in old mythological texts and folklore. These witches include Kikimora (a household spirit whose presence can be know from wet footprints on the floor and who is essentially harmless, as long as you respect her), Circe (you must remember this lady from Odyssey- she’s the one who turned the heroe’s man into swine), Jenny Greenteefh (the witch who drowned people for the sheer pleasure), The Bell Witch (at least in America, there are still quite few people who believe that this witch, who can also take the form of poltergeist, is real) and many others. You will see what kind of names we have here by yourself once you start using this witch name generator. We hope you will like all of them!

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