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Thanks for using this Wiccan name generator! From the first sight, western cultures do not put a great emphasis on names. However, parents spent months looking for a right name for their children. In fact, most people spend a considerable amount of time even looking for names for their pets! And pets do not give a damn about how they are being called, as long as you call them with love and give them a treat once they come. Some of the reasons why we do not treat our kids’ names as some things of a secondary importance are really simple and rather obvious: we want them to feel good about their names, to be able to take them as part of their identity and of course, we don’t want the name to become a reason for bullying.
However, I think there is one more deep-seated reason that makes us emphasize names and it lies in the Bible, which I think still has a great, although hardly traceable, influence on the way we think. You might know that in the process of creation God created earth, sun and other things by simply naming them. Then when he gave Adam, the first man, the power to name living creatures he also gained domination over them. In Christian tradition naming is identifying, defining and in a sense, claiming your ownership over something.
Names are even more important in modern pagan religions and this is the reason why I have decided to create this Wiccan name generator. Wiccans believe that the names they take or a given upon joining the religious community have a great mystical power and contains the essence of the person. In other words, they believe that Wiccan names encapsulate their Essential Selves. It is also important to note that most modern pagans believe that each of us is born already having this real name, or the name of the soul. Thus basically it is not about creating or picking, but about getting to know what your name is. Our hope is that this Wiccan name generator will help you to do this. You will have to look through our suggestions and once you see the name that encapsulates your Essential Self, you will know it.
So don’t wait any longer and start looking for your sacred name right now! As you will see, this Wiccan name generator is incredibly convenient to use: all you have to do to get a new suggestion is click the button below this text.

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