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You might think that all the people who are going to read this article about web 2.0 name generator will be familiar with the term “web 2.0”. Yes, that makes a perfect sense and you have reasons to expect that… But there is always that one person who just follows links out of pure curiosity, without any purpose whatsoever, and ends on websites he never expected to find. If any of such searchers with rather poor IT knowledge landed on this web 2.0 name generator, here is what they should know.
Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites that use technology beyond the static pages that were used by early websites. And how are they superior to the old websites? Well for starters, they may allow users to collaborate and interact with each other, to participate in a social media dialogue, to share user-generated content in a small or extensive virtual community and to do variety of other things that the technologies of static pages would not cover for. You are still not sure you understand what we are talking about? Well here are some general examples of web 2.0s: it includes video sharing sites, blogs, folksonomies, social networking sites, mashups, web applications and hosted services. Basically it is the sites you visit every day!
So as you see, this web 2.0 name generator is not just some weird system for geeks and nerds: it could come in handy for almost every one of us! For example, I believe that quite a lot of you have written some sort of blog in the past (even if you have never made it public and keep it a secret to this day), are writing it right now or are going to write one in the future (come on, there must be things you would like to share with the world or simply write down, so they would not slip out of your memory).
While trying to decide what kind of names this system should generate (whether they should be rather abstract or concrete and straight forward, etc.) we looked at the lists of some of the most popular social networks and blogs. So many of the names you will find using this web 2.0 name generator will be inspired by such world famous websites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace, MeetMe, LifeHacker, Mashable, The Daily Beast and so one… That is enough of information. It is time for you to go and check this system out by yourself!

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