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Thanks for using this weapon name generator! So what is a great hero or a major badass without an amazing weapon? We say nothing but random guy, one of those who could live next door and you would not even know him. Ok, this may not apply to all the heroes and their nemesis… For example, this is not true if we are talking about Jackie Chan… That guy is a death sentence with a Ming vase in his hands. Anyway, the truth is that it is difficult to write a screenplay for a really good thriller-action movie if you do not allow your characters to play with guns. Basically the same applies for books and video games.
So I guess you already know why we have developed this weapon name generator. Yes, it is to help all the writers and game developers, as well as gamers. As you might know, there are plenty of great games where you get to choose or even design the exquisite weapon for your character and as a first or final step, you have to come up with its title. Those of you who have ever dealt with this task will probably agree that it is neither easy nor enjoyable. Personally, I have stopped trying to come up with an original name all by myself long ago. Instead I have used some weapon name generator offered online. The problem was just that all of them were kind of repetitive and inconvenient. So I decided to develop a superior, yet similar generator by myself.
I have to admit that developing the database for this system required quit a lot of time, as well as patience. Luckily, I have had some of my creative friends to help me. While trying to come up with original names we have drawn inspiration from the greatest fictional weapons that are known for us. Some of them might be familiar for you too: lancer (Ashley J. Williams’ weapon that combines chainsaw, gun and all the other ass kicking machines you could possibly imagine), The Dragonlance, The Krull Glaive, Rocket Sledgehammer and so on… Yes, these are not the kind of weapons that could exist in real life and if it did, it would probably serve for suicide only. However, in my opinion this does not make them any more memorable. Whether you agree with me on this one or not, I am pretty sure you will enjoy the weapon name generator I have developed!

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