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What encourage me to start working on this user name generator is the growing amount of websites that require login and the general number of internet users. With thousands and sometimes millions of users on the same website, it is pretty difficult to come up with something original. And this task is not going to become any easier in the foreseeable future. If anything, the growing amount of accounts might turn the simple requirement to come up with a login name into some sort of impossible mission.
The spread of internet all over the world won’t be the only tendency complicating things. The problem is that more and more people decide to get a several accounts on the same social networks and the other 2.0 webs. You must have at least a few friends who have more than one account on Twitter, YouTube or are registered on Facebook with both their real names and fake ones. The reasons behind such behavior are different: some use additional accounts for spying on their girlfriends and boyfriends, the others just want to have separate profiles as professionals (e.g. as politicians or singers) and as regular people… Anyway, we are not here to judge anybody. This user name generator was developed for one purpose: to help our visitors to come up with cool usernames. In regard to this goal, the reason why exactly a person can’t come up with a username all by himself is not that important.
While developing the database for this use name generator we had in mind that most people want a name that would not get worn out in a couple of weeks and would be suitable on different websites. After all, it is very tiring to look for a new username each time you are trying to get an account on a new website. I believe that we have actually managed to come up with thousands of names that meet those requirements, but you can make your own judgment. So why don’t you click the button that reads “Generate User Names” and see what we have here right away? The first suggestion is already waiting for you right below this text, but there is many more for you to see. Good luck with this user name generator and do not forget to recommend our website to your friends! By the way: keep in mind that the names in your favorites list can be edited!

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