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Thanks for using this team name generator! The system we have developed is really universal, thus no matter what kind of sports or games you are into, I’m pretty sure that you won’t have to leave this website empty handed. There are names that would be perfect for basketball, football, volleyball, paintball teams (both real-life and online), trivia teams, weight loss teams, business project teams and pretty much every other type of teams you could possibly think of. This is why we are so confident when we say that you will leave this team name generator having a name you can be proud of!
To start looking, just click the button right below this text (the one that reads “Generate Team Names”). Each time you will do that, the system will generate only one new suggestion. But it works extremely fast, so you won’t have to spend too much time on this website (unless you have nothing else planned and don’t mind looking through suggestions just for fun). Now here is what you do when you see the suggestion that really seems worth attention: slide down the window, find it in the section under the title “Team Names Generated” and click on it. This way it will be transferred into your favorites list. Why is it necessary? We doubt that you could remember all the great suggestion when there is so many of them. Plus, if you make a favorites list and take a copy of it before leaving the website, you can later let your friends vote on it and pick the best name together with them. This way everyone will be happy and if not, you can just use the phrase “Well, that’s how democracy works… “ in reply to their complains (we recommend you saying it in the voice of Churchill, just so it would be more convincing).
Besides, keep in mind that you are always welcome to improve the suggestions provided by this team name generator by deleting or adding some words (this could be your team’s color, lucky number, the name of the best/most inspiring player, city and greatest achievement so far, etc). You can edit them in the section titled “Favorite Names”. I believe you could also use this team name generator as a source of inspiration and come up with something completely new! Whatever you choose to do, I hope that the results will be great!

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