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Thanks for choosing our sword name generator! So we have been informed that some people follow the link to this webpage thinking that sword is some kind of abbreviation. We must admit that we have laughed upon hearing this, but not because this would be something completely stupid. In fact, SWORD is an abbreviation that stands for variety of organizations. For example, Southwest Ontario Original Dojos, Submarine Warfare Operations Research Division, Student Who Occasionally Roll Dice, Sharing the World and Offering a Real Difference… You might say that it still does not seem very logical to think that somebody would need random names in relation to these organizations, but the person who is not into gaming might find it difficult to understand why someone would name weapons too.
So the mystery is gone now… This sword name generator was developed to help you come up with original and powerful names for weapons. As the name indicates, it is best fit if you need a name for a sword, but it will basically suit if you are wondering how to name some knifes, axes or similar weapons too. And who could use this sword name generator? We believe that it could actually come in handy for all sorts of people… For example, it could solve the problem that arises for some game developers. As you know, in some video games players get to choose from variety of weapons that look different and/or have different special powers. You probably already know that it is difficult enough to come up with a name for one weapon. Can you imagine yourself trying to name 100 swords at a time? A task like this could cost somebody the sanity… Unless, of course, the person dealing with it knew about this system. In that case all he would have to do is look through some of the suggestions and pick the ones he likes most.
Why do we say “through some of the suggestions”? If you wanted to see all of them, you would probably have to take a holiday from school/job… The sword name generator we have developed can come up with tens of thousands of different name combinations. All you have to do to get one of them is click the button that reads “Generate Sword Names”. So why don’t you just do it?

cause we did the best we could… not other is a s cool, convenient and etxc

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