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You could say that super heroes are all fictional beings and reading comic books, as well as using this super hero name generator is a waste of time. However, if you did this, you could not be more wrong.
First of all, I believe that doing things that lift your mood and brighten your day is never a complete waste of time. In a sense, life is a struggle for happiness and it is not that important whether it is big things (like impressive career achievements) or the little stuff that help you achieve that desired feeling. Second, and even more importantly, super heroes may be fictional but the values they teach us and the things they inspire us to do are not. This kind of characters teach us not to stand aside when we see injustice, they teach us to help those who cannot help themselves, they teach us that those who hold great powers have a responsibility to help the ones who do not. I think the last of these things is especially relevant in the modern world, were real-life “superpowers” – knowledge (education), wealth and political influence – are distributed so unequally.
You still don’t believe that this super hero name generator and fictional super hero characters can inspire some positive action? Well here is something that could change your opinion. There are already groups of people, called real-life superheroes. These man and women dress up in costumes, fight crime, help underprivileged and do all kinds of other things that would not bring a disgrace upon a real super hero. For example, in the US one of such groups is called “Superheroes Anonymous”: upon their gatherings they help homeless, clean the streets, hands out crime prevention materials and so on.
So you think you could follow their example and use this super hero name generator as a source of inspiration to do some “good deeds” and to help others? We do not expect you to walk around wearing a cape (although this would definitely be fun) and start fighting criminals with your bare hands right away… Just keep the spirit of a super hero alive wherever you go, and we are sure that the chance to do some small, but significant good job will find you. Until it comes, use this super hero name generator to find names for the characters that you write about in the books, play in video games or whatsoever. Good luck!

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