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Thanks for using this street name generator! What takes to write a magnificent story is not only to come up with interesting characters and engaging plot, but also to create a great setting in which the narrative could unfold to the fullest. The environment in which the action takes place is an integral and substantial part of the story.
Just think about George Lucas’ masterpiece American Graffiti, which garnered an estimated return of well over $200 million in box office gross and home video sales, with the budget of 750000$ and was nominated for a bunch of prestigious awards, including Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. What evoke an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia in this film are not just the characters, but the city itself. You might know that the genesis of American Graffiti was in George Lucas’ own teenage years in Modesto and a lot of elements that the make the atmosphere of the city in which the story plays out so fascinating came from his memories. In fact, at first Lucas planned on naming the movie Another Quiet Night in Modesto and it was only later that he came up with an idea to use the title American Graffiti.
This story just illustrates the idea that creating the setting with its own powerful and engaging atmosphere is a great start for writing an unforgettable story. Maybe you have already developed a vision of some breathtaking place in your head? If so, this street name generator will help you to come up with its name. And if you don‘t have a vision yet, I believe that the street name generator that you have just found will provide you with some great ideas and kick-start the creative process.
You might think that coming up with a name of an exact street is not even necessary, it is enough to name the city or country. However, by pointing out the exact address you could bring the whole story closer to life and make it more engaging. As you might know, many famous screenwriters and book authors have actually used this trick. For example, Harry Potter lived in Privet Drive, Batman- in Wayne Manor, Bundies- in Jeopardy Lane, Adams family- in Cemetery Ridge, Griffins from Family Guy- in Spooner Street. So go ahead, start using this street name generator and maybe one day your characters or character families will be known all over the world, just like the ones I’ve just mentioned!

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