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Thanks for using this story name generator! As a person who has written quite a few short novels, as well as tens of articles, I can say that coming up with a title for your writing is never an easy task. People who only take a pen to scratch their backs, types almost exclusively on online social networks and generally do not write a word unless it is absolutely necessary, might find this a little disturbing. In fact, when I told my friend that I‘m working n a story name generator, she asked me: why is that even necessary? If a person can‘t come up with the name, do you think he would be able to write a whole story? This kind of attitude is not uncommon. Most non-writers think that if you are creative enough to write a whole story with multiple narratives and subtle characters, you should not have any difficulties coming up with a few words for a title.
However, this is one of those cases when the popular opinion is actually false. Naming is an art of its own and talent for writing does not guarantee that a person will be capable of coming up with a descent name without using any story name generator. For the most part it is because this task requires the ability to speak extremely briefly and writers are not usually the people of few words. Plus, coming up with a good title requires something almost completely different than a talent for literature. It requires talent and skill in marketing. In fact, today choosing the title does not even necessarily fall within the “jurisdiction” of an author. In many cases the responsibility and right to come up with the title that would appeal to the target audience, attract the attention of media, reflect the content of the book and present it in the most favourable light possible belong to the editor and marketing specialists.
However, I believe that giving up the right to name your own book for the sake of commercial success is something that most of the authors are not particularly excited to do. To put it another way, I believe that most of them only do this because they do not trust their abilities and think that unless they leave naming for the professionals they book will be doomed for failure. Our hope is that by providing thousands of ideas this story name generator will actually boost their self confidence. So good luck for everyone who is going to use it!

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