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Thanks for using this Star Wars name generator! I cannot think of any reason why a person who did not like (or have never seen) the legendary movies created by George Lucas would end up looking for a system like this… So if you are reading this text, I assume you are a real fan of Star Wars and think that you know everything about this movie. However, I bet there are some facts that even you have not heard of before. So before we get to our main topic and start talking about Star Wars name generator, let’s look at one interesting fact.
So we all know that at least when it comes to his most famous movies, Lucas is not much into killing off his main characters. You will never see anything like the scene of wedding in Game of Thrones in his films. And as for Star Wars, he wanted the film to have a bright ending that would inflict some positive emotions on the audience. However, there must have been days when George was really mad at the word and wanted to take it out… During one story session he wrote an extremely dark ending. To put it simply, he turned Luke to the dark side and made him become the new Vader! In this version of the screenplay he pictured Vader sacrificing his life in order to take out the Emperor just like in the movies we all have seen. But here is the plot twist: when Luke famously takes Vader’s mask of, he puts it on his own face and says “Now I am the Vader.” Yes, that would have been a surprise, but hardly a pleasant one… To tell you the truth, I am glad that whatever has struck George at the time when he pitched this dark ending had faded away before it was too late.
Now here is what you have to know about this Star Wars name generator in particular: in order to get a new suggestion you must click the button right below this text. That isn’t too hard, is it? Once you do it, the system will come up with an original name that will fit perfectly in any book, screenplay or movie that is set in Star Wars universe. That is all you have to know for now, so go ahead and start using this Star Wars name generator!

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