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Thanks for choosing this Sith name generator! If you have seen Star Wars movies (and we assume you have) you must remember a fictional organization known as Order of the Sith Lords. In the universe created by John Lucas and his colleagues Sith members reoccur as antagonists of the main characters. Dark Lords of the Sith are absolutely dedicated to the philosophy of the organization and try to destroy the “good guys” using the dark side of the Force.
The word “Sith” was first mentioned in the film Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, which began the legendary saga. However, back then it was used in a slightly different meaning and the notorious organization was not formally introduced of even mentioned on-screen right until Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace reached the cinemas. Since the late 1970s Sith members have appeared not only in numerous episodes of Star Wars movies, but also variety of comics, books and computer games. This is why we believe that this Sith name generator will actually be useful for the widest range of people. Not only it will come in handy for all the artists, authors, screen writers and game developers, it will also help our fellow gamers. Obviously, it is much easier to pick a name from the set of options than come up with one relying on your own imagination.
While developing a database for this Sith name generator we have drawn inspiration from the names of actual Star Wars characters, such as Ajuna Pall (the first dark Lord of the Sith), Aloysius Kallig (another ancient Sith Lord), Assajj Ventress (this Sit assassin appears Star Wars: Clone Wars comics, TV show and movie), Abeloth, Mas Amedda Amee, Darth Andeddu, Bail Antilles, Garm Bel Iblis, Depa Billaba, Borvo the Hutt, Maris Brood, Noa Briqualon, Malcor Brashin, Sora Bulq, Arvel Crynid and many others. Thus we can guaranty that all the names we have here will fit into the Star Wars universe just perfectly.
Now here are brief instructions on how you use this Sith name generator. First, you have to click the button that reads “Generate Sith Names”. As soon as you do this, a new suggestion will pop out in front of you. Read it aloud and think whether you like it or not. If the name seems worth attention, slide down the window to add it to your favorites list. That’s it! Good luck looking!

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