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Thanks for choosing this Sims name generator! I know that there are many people (especially among guys) who think that Sims is boring and choose various “catch him-shoot him” games instead. But in my opinion the creators of Sims came up with one of the greatest ideas ever. If I’m not mistake, they took the idea from the program which was meant for architects, as well as engineers, and was all about building. They added characters (along with variety of other options) and the result is an almost inexhaustible source of fun! Seriously, if you can’t think of anything fun to do on Sims, you must be pretty bored with the real life too…
However, even the people who are as enthusiastic about this game as I am would probably admit that it has some drawbacks. For example, it does not have a built in Sims name generator. Thus every time you create a new character, or when one of your families gets a baby, you have to come up with a new cool name. It is not that difficult at first, but no matter what all the banal quotes suggest, our imagination does have boundaries and sooner or later we run out of good ideas. Of course, it would be great if EA could just incorporate a name generator into their game. However, I don’t think this is going to happen in the nearest future and I don’t feel like writing petitions to a video game company. Thus I have created this Sims name generator all by myself and placed it on this website, where it would be available for all of you.
I do understand that leaving the game each time you need a new name is not particularly convenient. If this really bothers you, you could choose a several (or more) names at once and then just use tem when in need. If you feel a little too lazy to write them down- it is not a problem, as this system was created for lazy people. Click the button that reads “Generate Sims Names” a few times and then slide down the window. You will see that all the names that have been suggested to you previously are still waiting for you in a separate list. Choose the ones you like most and click to add them to your favorites. That is all the work you will have to do with this Sims name generator!

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