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Thanks for using this screen name generator! Before we go any further, I think all of you should know a widely accepted definition of the term “screen name”, just so there would be no misunderstandings. According to dictionary online, screen name is a unique word, or any sequence of characters, that a person chooses to use for identification purposes while interacting with other people online. The term is really broad and can be used to refer to gaming names (for example Xbox Live GamerTag or character names you use on massively multiplayer online role playing games- MMORPGs), various forums and instant messaging, etc.
Now that we all know what exactly we are talking about, let’s get to the point. This Screen name generator was developed to help you save some time and nerves. Now that you have found it, you can lie back in your chair and let the system do the job for you. But don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep, because you will still have to do some serious mouse (touchpad) clicking and to make a decision! Now seriously… In order to get a new suggestion, you have to click the button right below this text. If you see something you like, you should probably slide down the window to add it to your favorites list, because otherwise the suggestion might slip out of your head. The suggestion you have seen just recently will be at the top of the section titled “Screen Names Generated”. Click on it, and it will be transferred to the space on the right, the one that reads “Favorite Names”.
Now if you think that the suggestions provided by this Screen name generator could use some improvements, you are welcome to change them any way you want! The “Favorite Names” section allows for the names to be edited, so you can delete a certain part of the name and replace it with something else or make similar adjustments. However, while doing this you should remember one thing. The names provided by this Screen name generator are short enough to be easy to remember and you should keep it this way. We are not saying this because we are worried that you won’t be able to remember your name. We are warning you, so you would not have to reintroduce to the people you meet online every single time you talk to them. Now go ahead and start looking!

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