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When I told my friend I’m working on this rock band name generator, some of them commented that I’m wasting my time. Their argument was that the name should be the last thing the band should worry about. Instead, musicians should concentrate on their music and learn to play well together. A few of them went as far as to claim that the main goal of the band should be to have as much fun as possible! Some of these friends were actually musicians who had their own bands at some point in time, but none of them were actually commercially successful in this field. And you can see why: they had no idea how to make a brand and how to sell their music. They were simple idealists who thought that the only thing that actually matters for the success of a group is the talent and dedication of musicians. Of course, this sounds great and I wish that was exactly how things worked in reality. Unfortunately this is pretty far from truth.
I believe that this rock band name generator will actually prevent quite a few musicians from creating obstacles on their own way to success. How exactly? By helping to find band names that would attract the attention of target audience, be catchy and easy to remember. In other words, names that wouldn’t be overshadowed by thousands of other groups trying to win popularity on the internet.
In order to get a better understanding about what constitutes a good name, I made a littele research. Here are some band names that were voted as their favorites by thousands of internet users: Eight Bold Souls, Love and Rockets, The Lucy Show, Flesh for Lulu, Psychedelic Furs, Fine Young Cannibals, The Rhythm Pigs, Soup Dragons, Bearded Weirdo, The Time Beings, The Subdudes, Tribe of Butterflies, Man or Astro-Man… As a person who has never heard most of these bands playing, I think I can be pretty objective here and I must say that these names are simply awesome. They are daring and original on the border with weird- the kind of names that just can’t go unnoticed. So while developing a database for this rock band name generator I have tried to come up with something similar.To see whether I succeeded or not, click the button you see right below this text. Have fun using this rock band name generator and good luck in your career!

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