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Thanks for using this redneck name generator! So let’s admit it: most of us would probably regard being called a redneck as an insult. There was a day when this word had a rather positive meaning and evoked some sort of nostalgic feeling, along with the pride about being a simple and maybe not too highly educated, but honest and hard- working man. In fact, some of the well know country and pop singers of the early and mid-twentieth century have managed to capitalize on this feeling and gained incredible popularity singing about poorly educated blue-color workers and southern farmers as if they were one of them, idealizing their lifestyles and their values. However, today the word “redneck” has a rather negative meaning and is even used as a synonym for white-trash (despite the fact that in the original meaning it has little to do with it, as “white trash” also implies a level of immorality).
So why did we decide to develop this redneck name generator and to place it online? Do you think we did this so all of you could find some original insults for the next fight you get caught in? Not quite… I am not here to wave my finger and to tell you what you should or should not do, but calling people names is wrong and you should not do it. Just kidding… But if you really want to insult somebody, I think there are better ways to do it than calling him or her redneck names.
What this redneck name generator is really great for, is to find names for movie and book characters. You will probably agree that rednecks make hilarious comedy protagonists and I am pretty sure you have heard some of funny redneck sayings, like “Darlin.You’re hotter than donut grease at a fat man convention“, „That boy is about as sharp as a cue ball“ or „That’s handier than a pocket on a shirt“ (ok, these are deffinitelly not the funniest ones, but the best sayings would not stand a chance to go through the censorship). Of course, as one of my smart (don’t tell him I said that) friends once has noticed, it takes more than donning a trucker hat and cut-off flannel to make a believable redneck character. To do this, you will have to put in some heart and think through every detail. So good luck with that and don’t forget to recommend this redneck name generator to your friends!

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