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Thanks for choosing this random name generator! From the first sight coming up with a random name does not seem that difficult. Somebody might think: “we all know hundreds of people, we all have heard thousands of different first names and family names so what’s the trouble?… You just through a couple of them together and voila- you have a brand new name!”. However, things are not that simple. When we start to think, what pops into our heads first are usually the names of our friends and relatives, our favorite movie characters, writers, singers and so on… This is not necessarily a problem, but if you want the name to call out as few associations as possible, it might be. So that is what this random name generator is for: it will provide you with a list of suggestions that is completely unbiased. Of course, it is most likely that you will see some names that also belong to the people you know in real life. However, the percentage of such names will remain relatively low.
Now here comes a couple of tips for those who are going to use this random name generator to accomplish something really important (for example, to find the name for the main character of the book or even for their own child). First of all, try reading the name out loud before making a final judgment. In some cases you might be pleasantly surprised by the sound of a certain name, but the opposite, disappointment, is also possible. If the name sounds just as good as it looks on the screen, you should add it to your favorites, to make sure it won’t get lost among variety of options. And how do you do that? Just slide down the window until you see the section titled “Random Names Generated” on the left side of the window. The names will be listed in chronological order, starting with the ones that have been generated just recently, so you should not have any problems finding the one that deserved you attention. Once you find it, click on the name and it will immediately appear in a section on the right, the one that reads “Favorite Names”.
One more tip: if you are choosing the name that is relatively long, think about the possible nicknames. That’s it! We hope that this random name generator will help you find exactly what you need!

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