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If you decided to check out a website that offers random fantasy name generator, I assume you are not one of those people who suffer from a serious decease which I call “obsession with reality”. This problem takes different forms for different people, but the basic symptoms are usually the same. A person who has an obsession with reality is usually a) not interested in anything he can’t see, touch and measure, b) has a terribly poor imagination and cannot think out of the box, b) cannot tell the difference between the words “fantasy” and “nonsense” and often use them as synonyms.
I guess there is no need to explain why a person like this would find it almost impossible to come up with an original name relying on his own head (or see this task as a real torture) and hence, would have to rely on some random fantasy name generator. What might seem a little weird is that this task does not seem particularly easy or enjoyable even for those who have a great imagination and normally find pleasure in creative tasks. To tell you the truth, I do not enjoy thinking up names too and as I am a huge fan of fantasy role playing games, this constitutes a problem. In order to get it out of my way once and for all, I have developed an advanced random fantasy name generator.
You could point out that I am not the first person to invent something like that (similar systems have existed before) and you would be partially right. However, none of them met all my requirements and I know I am not the only person who felt this way. Now unlike any of the previous ones, this particular system is not limited to one type of names and can come in handy no matter which fantasy game you are playing. The suggestions we have to offer vary in length, style and origin; they were inspired by different books and video games. Now we cannot promise that the fist name you see will meet your expectations, but if you have some patience, something great will definitely come along.
So don’t wait any longer, go ahead and start using this random fantasy name generator right now! Besides, another great feature of this system is its simplicity: all you have to do to see a new suggestion is click the button right below this text!

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