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So hello (would-be) entrepreneurs and thanks for choosing this random company name generator! Let me guess… Before you even stated to try, you thought that coming up with a cool name for your business will be the easy part. Well in some sense you were right. This is definitely not the most difficult task you will have to deal with before you can say that your business succeeded. But it is pretty far from simple too and I know very few businessmen who spent less than a weak on this particular job. So don’t worry if you cannot come up with a cool name for your business all by yourself right away and don’t let this little problem ruin your self-confidence or enthusiasm. We are sure that if you keep looking, sooner or a little bit later (don’t start sweating, we said A LITTLE), you will manage to find a great name. In fact, I think you are one of the lucky men, as this random company name generator is a perfect place to start your search.
So what are you waiting for? The button that reads “Generate Random Company Names” is not going to click itself! Just hit it and the new suggestion will appear in front of you. Now do you remember as saying that this random company name generator will give you a great start? That’s right, we did not say it is going to do the entire job for you and solve all your problems. That’s because no automatic system can take into account all the relevant details about your company, such as the kind of products or service you are going to offer, what makes you different and better than your competitors, what are the characteristics of your target audience and so on. You, not me, are the person who knows these things (ok, at least preliminary… you don’t have to be 100% sure about everything) and you should try to improve our suggestions in such a way that it would be indicative of your services/products, highlight their benefits and appeal to your target audience.
This might seem like an overwhelmingly tough task to take all these aspects into consideration at once, but believe me- this random company name generator will give you a firm base to built on. Besides, keep in mind that every name has some drawbacks. Don’t try to find a perfect name as this is impossible. Just do your best and the results will be great!

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