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Thanks for using this random city name generator! Yes, some people say that one should never favor fantasy over reality. They say this is dangerous, they warn that this is the easiest way to miss your own life. We have to admit that it is pretty hard to argue with those people as they clearly have their point: each of us only has one life, one chance and we should not let it pass by while we are staring at our notebooks, personal computers, books and TV screens….
However, there is nothing wrong about visiting fantasy worlds once in a while, as long as we do not forget where our true home is. If anything, unrealistic stories broaden our horizons and teach us how to think out of the box. In a way, it gives as the same kind of experience and the sense of alternative lifestyle as travelling does. In fact, I believe that some of the most fascinating places only exist in lyrics of songs, panels of commix, in films and book pages. And we would miss a great deal if we did not have a chance to visit them, if only in our fantasy. So to keep all the book authors, screenwriters and video game developers creating imaginary places, we have developed this random city name generator. We hope it will make their job at least a little bit easier and more enjoyable! Plus, this system will definitely come in handy for all the gamers who find it difficult to think of realistic names for the cities they are building.
While developing the database for this random city name generator, we have drawn inspiration from some of the most fascinating fictional cities that have ever existed in frames of movies, books, etc. As we do not intend to waste your precious time, in this article we are going to mention only a few of them. So of course, the towns that deserve to be in our favourites list are Springfield (I don’t think there is any other fictional place that would be funnier, more lifelike and more developed at the same time), Gotham City , Twin Peaks (the single most unnerving small town ever created), Midgar (industrial city from Final Fantasy VII), Cloud City (the home of the most pivotal scene in the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and maybe in the whole trilogy). We hope you will like the suggestions provided by this random city name generator!

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