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Thanks for choosing our PSN name generator or in other words, PlayStation Network name generator! Each of us have seen some PSN names that just make you wonder how dumb, bold or tasteless a person must be to pick something like that. And although we all know that judging a person by his name is neither nice nor exactly logical (just like judging a book by its cover) that is exactly what we do. If PSN name is really lame, we usually assume that so is the person standing behind it. What else should we do when the name is the only piece of information in our disposal? But would you like to be considered lame, bold and tasteless just because of your nickname? We assume the answer is “no”. And this is exactly why we have decided it is about time somebody sat down and developed a really cool PSN name generator.
The system you are about to check out can come up with thousands of original names. On the one hand, this is a great benefit: the variety of names decreases the chance that none of them will meet your requirements to an absolute zero. On the other, it is not a secret that sometimes as the number of options increases the choice itself becomes more difficult. To avoid this later scenario, we have developed a couple of lists that should make your decision much easier. The first of tem is titled “PSN Names Generated” and can be found on the left side of this window, just a little below this text. As you could have guessed based on its name, this list will contain all the names that get generated. Right next to it, just a little to the right, you will see a second section titled “Favorite Names”. Now how do you transfer a name from one list to another? This is as easy as it could be: all you have to do is click on it. When all the names you like will be in the same section you will find it easier to make comparisons among them and in turn, to make the final choice.
Now of course, nobody says you have to take the names provided by this PSN name generator in their original form. You can always improve our suggestions by adding some prefix, suffix, changing the spelling and so on… We hope this PSN name generator exceeds your expectations!

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