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Thanks for using this pseudonym name generator! We all know the meaning of word “anonymous”, even if only from the internet and the primitive contexts in which it appears. However, I have noticed that quite a few people do not know what hides behind the word combination “pseudonymous books”. To put it simply, these are the writings who were signed (unlike anonymous ones), but not by the real name of the author. In most cases the real identity is known from the start or at least unfolds in the course of time. For example, when the book receives positive critical reviews, gets famous and it is time for the author to take his share of glory. However, sometimes the authors who sign their works by pseudonyms are very careful about hiding their real identity. This is usually done either to secure privacy, current social status, work, or even to avoid direct physical threats. Whatever it is that encouraged you to look for a pseudonym name generator, we I believe that the system we have developed will serve your goals.
Now before we give you the instructions on how to use this pseudonym name generator, let’s take a look at some of the greatest pseudonymous books and their authors. Maybe they will inspire you to come up with your own pseudonym without even having to rely on our help! So in my opinion, the list of best pseudonymous books would definitely have to include Down and Out in Paris and London, as well as 1984, written by Eric Blair. You don’t know this man? I bet you do, but only by the name George Orwell, which is actually a pseudonym. This author explained his decision to publish his first book under a pseudonym by simply admitting, that he was not particularly proud of his work. Another great author, Patricia Highsmith, have published her second book under the pseudonym Claire Morgan, because she was worried that the story about lesbians might offend her 84-year-old grandma. Sylvia Plath has signed her book The Bell Jar as Victoria Lucas, because its content was highly autobiographical and personal.
Now as we have promised, here are brief instructions: to start looking, click the button right below this text. As soon as you do that, you will be suggested a new pseudonym. If you like it, slide down the window, find it in the list and click to add it to your favorites. That’s it! We hope you will find this pseudonym name generator useful!

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