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Thanks for using this Pokemon name generator! It is hard to think of another type of characters that would be as famous as Pokemons. The series featuring these colorful creatures have been running for years, they appear in more games and comic books then I could possibly count and still, it does not look like their popularity was decreasing. I guess it is just impossible to get tired of these characters. More than one generation will always think of Pokemon games and series as the greatest source of entertainment associated with childhood. They will definitely go down into history of animation alongside such characters as Homer Simpson, SpongeBob Squirepants and others.
But enough of praising Pokemons, we all know how fascinating these creatures are. So let’s just cut to the case and start talking about this Pokemon name generator in particular. Quite obviously, we have created this system so you would not have to waste your own time trying to come up with some original and catchy names that would suit these beings. We assume you already know how the names of Pokemons usually sound, but if you are not quite familiar with these characters yet, here are a few examples: Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey, Venusaur, Dragonite, Gastly, Pidgey, Seaking, Butterfree, Poliwrath, Fearow… The names you are going to find with the help of this Pokemon name generator will be generated following the same rules as the ones used in the original series and games, thus you won‘t have to bother yourself trying to adapt them. But don’t think that we are discouraging you from making improvements! If you feel like doing it, use your own imagination and mix some names together, make them longer, shorter or do anything else you want. We even made a separate section where you can write down your ideas, but we will talk about it a little bit later.
So how do you start looking for that Pokemon name you need? Just click the button that reads “Generate Pokemon Names”! Yep, that is pretty easy… If you notice you are about to get lost among all the suggestions, slide down the window and you will find all of them listed under the title “Pokemon Names Generated”. Do you see the section “Favorite Names” right next to it? That’s where you can write down your own ideas. So go ahead, start using this Pokemon name generator and don’t forget to take a copy of your favorites list before leaving!

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