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Thanks for using this place name generator! You don’t have to be an expert in literature or films to know that the setting of a story is extremely important to its overall quality. In fact, I believe that sometimes a great fantasy place is enough to make the whole book or movie great. Of course, creating a place that would win the audience requires a great talent. Not everyone can come up with something as Middle-earth, Neverland or Narnia within a blink of an eye. In fact, most people would not be able to come up with something remotely as good even in they have worked their whole lives! However, we believe that you have a talent and all you need is some inspiration. And inspiration is exactly what this place name generator can offer to you!
First of all, what you are going to get using this system is thousands of original, melodic and powerful names. They are generated within a second after you click the button that reads “Generate Place Names”, so you don’t have to waste your time waiting. Plus, there are two mini-systems that will make you choice easier. One of them will make the list of all the suggestions that have been generated up to a certain point in time, so none of them will slip out of your mind. The second will allow you to sort out the best options. If you need a little reminder, slide down the window to find the list titled “Place Names Generated”. If you want to add a certain name to your favorites, find it in this list and click on it. Isn’t this place name generator convenient to use?
Now as was already mentioned, I believe that this system will actually give you much more than just some names. I believe that it will also provide you with inspiration for further work. Just read the names out loud, close your eyes and try answer yourself a several questions: what the place titled “X” would look like? What kind of people (or other creatures) would live there? What would be their habits, traditions and culture in general? While developing the database for this place name generator, we looked at variety of fictional place names that appear in famous books and movies (such as Genovia from Princess Diaries or Gondor from LOTR), thus some of the names might sound a bit familiar to you. However, we guarantee that most of them are absolutely original!

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