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Thank you for choosing our pen name generator! There are plenty of authors whose actual names will never be remembered, although their writings went down into history and in some cases, changed the way people think about themselves and the world. In this case we are talking about the authors who chose to sign their most famous works by pen names.
For example, George Orwell (the author of Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four) was actually born Eric Blair, Mark Twain (best known for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Life on Mississippi) was actually named Samuel L. Clemens, Dr. Seuss (you should know him for such books as Horton Catches the Egg, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat and the Hat or How the Grinch Stole Christmas), Voltaire, one of the most famous and influential philosophers in history, was born Francois-Marie Arouet and Alice Carroll (Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, The Wasp in the Wig: A “Suppressed” Episode, A Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry, Phantasmagoria and Other Poems)- Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
Today it is hard to imagine that any of these world famous authors could have chosen any other pen name than they did. But nobody knows how much time they had actually spent thinking before they chose one and how many doubts they had. Anyway, we hope that with a help of this pen name generator you will manage to find a perfect pseudonym way quicker than they did. So how do you start looking? Just click the button that reads „Generate Pen Names“ and an original suggestion will pop out before you can blink. Pretty easy, isn‘t it?
Now we have mentioned that this pen name generator is way more convenient that any of the similar systems you could find online. This is because it allows you to use to complimentary lists: „Pen Names Generated“ and „Favourite Names“. You will find both of them, if you just slide down this window. To transfer a certain name from the first of these sections to the second, click on it with the left button of a mouse. Once it is transferred, you can edit it any way you want: change the spelling, delete half of the name if you think it is too long or mash a couple of pen names together… In oter words, do anything you want. We hope you will find this pen name generator useful!

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