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Thanks for using this Nordic name generator! Unless you have spent most of your life hiding in some God’s forgotten place, you must have noticed that Nordic mythology have swooped into the popular culture with force, making a mark in video games, literature, music, movies and television series. It is not only Nordic gods and heroes that appear everywhere you look, the people who used to praise them, Vikings, are among the most popular characters. Despite that, I have noticed that there are quite a few popular misconceptions about these people and I think you should know it before starting to use this Nordic name generator.
First of all, although in most cartoons and movies Vikings are portrayed as some dirty and wild people, this could hardly be further for truth. At least for their age, these people were extremely clean and one could say vain about their appearance. They had a custom to take a bath every Saturday, which seemed quite strange to most visitors from the neighboring cultures, as they bathed way less often than once a week. You should know that Europeans was not particularly concerned about hygiene ages past the Viking era. In many respects the French ladies who lived in the Palace of Versailles along with Luis XIV (the Sun King) were far dirtier than the Vikings. Second, if you have been watching movies and cartoons you probably got the impression that these people were extremely tall and mostly blond. The truth is, their average height (170 centimeters) was by no means exceptional, if compared to peoples in the rest of Europe. Plus, they were more of wanna-be blonds, than real blonds: a considerable part of Vikings bleached their hair with a special shampoo.
There are many more facts that would break your stereotypes about Vikings, but it is time to cut to the chase and start talking about this Nordic name generator. As you probably already guessed, it was developed to help the gamers who often choose characters bearing some resemblance to ancient Scandinavian people (whether you call them Norse, Nordic or Vikings). I assume it could also be helpful for writers, video game developers and pretty much every other person in the world who admires Nordic cultures and needs an original pen name/nickname/username or anything similar. Do you belong to any of these categories? Then just go ahead and start using this Nordic name generator!

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