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Thanks for using this Naruto name generator! Since 1997, when one-shot comic that preceded the manga series were published in Akamuru Jump, Naruto has become a real pop culture phenomenon. Today the number of productions that feature this adolescent ninja, as he searches for recognition, is countless. There is roughly 70 Naruto manga volumes released and I don’t think we are getting close to an end… In fact, I think if a company producing this series suddenly decided to call a quit, I think we would see more people in the streets than there were in the labor protests in the late 19th century.
To tell you the truth, one of the reasons why I have decided to develop this Naruto name generator is related to these manga series in particular. I know that some of Naruto fans are also talented artists and like to work on some Naruto-themed mange series of their own. I also know that most of them find it difficult to come up the names for all of their characters (especially the ones who are extremely productive and come up with some new hero almost every day). I hope that this Naruto name generator will solve this problem. In fact, I am absolutelly sure it will. After all, the system we have developed can come up with tens of different suggestions, thus if the name that would be good enough for you exists, I am sure it is somewhere on this website.
The system you have just found could also come in handy if you are working on the manga series on your free time. I guess that today anime is just one of your hobbies, but who knows, maybe someday you will become a recognized anime artist? I can’t tell you what lies in the future, but if becoming a recognized manga artist is what you want, I believe that this system will make your path towards the goal a little bit easier. Besides, it could also help you to find names for your RPG characters!
Before you click the button below this text and start using this Naruto name generator, here is a tip that might make your decision easier. Once you see the suggestion you like, slide down the window and find it in the list titled “Naruto Names Generated”. As soon as you do that, the name will be added to your favorites and won’t get lost among variety of others!

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