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Thanks for using this monster name generator! Unless you are one of those overly manly man, you know what it feels like staying alone in your dark room or walking back home alone after watching a good monster movie.. It is not a particularly pleasant feeling, is it? Despite that, as soon as the next day comes, we tend to “forgive” monster for playing tricks on our heart rates, as well as messing with our minds, and gladly go for another scary movie. Why do we do this? Let’s admit it… When it comes to this, we are all a little bit of masochists. We enjoy jumping in our chairs and feeling hearts racing in our chests as the mysterious music starts to play, leaving no doubt that things are not going to end well for that poor guy/girl.
So while we are talking about movies, we must say that this monster name generator could be a real time saver for all the screenwriters who have trouble coming up with unforgettable names for their characters. If you are good at brainstorming, this system could do even more: it could inspire you to come up with a completely new monster character! To make this happen, read each of the names out loud and then try to imagine the monster that could live up to it: what would be his physical features? Would he be an intelligent, and thus even more dangerous, monster or a thoughtless killing machine, whose actions are guided by pure aggression? Where would he dwell: in some distant place periodically visited by some really unlucky people, or for example, in a sewage system of New York?
If you do your part of the job well, this monster name generator could actually help you to write a screenplay for a new blockbuster. Just think about it: wasn’t it Count Orlock with his huge fangs, long nails and giant eyes that made the movie Nosferatu a real legend? Would we still remember the film The Thing more than three decades after its release if it was not for that shift changing alien? I am telling you. Just transform you greatest nightmare into fully developed fictional character, use this monster name generator to find the name that would be as scary as that creature and your success is guaranteed! Now you go ahead and start using this system, meanwhile I will start waiting for you hair-raising movie to reach the cinemas!

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