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If you are a huge fan of online games, you will find it easier to believe that there are elves living in your basement than that there are people who do not know what the meaning of abbreviation MMO is. However, we expect to have at least a few visitors of this kind, so let’s make it clear for them. This MMO name generator was developed for the greater convenience of all the people who love playing massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and yet risk dying out of boredom every time they are asked to come up with a name for one of their characters. Now that you know what the main purpose of this system is, we can move forward.
So there are two ways to use this MMO name generator. The first one is recommended for the gamers who are in a hurry or just hate dealing with every task that requires a bit of imagination whatsoever. If that describes you, you should just slide down the window right away and click the button that reads “MMO Names Generator”. Now if you are really in a hurry (or, what seems to be more realistic, just want to start playing as soon as possible), we suggest you just grab one of the first names you see and call it a day. Sure, if you had some additional time and patience, you could probably find something cooler. But even if you use the first name you see the other players won’t be able to tell that you did not take this task seriously, as all the names that can be offered by this MMO name generator are pretty cool.
Now here is what you should do if you don’t mind investing some time to come up with a really exclusive, powerful, melodic and 100% authentic name. First of all, you should study the history behind your characters culture and race. We are absolutely sure that it is rich and could give you some hints. These hints, in turn, could help you improve the suggestions provided by this MMO name generator in such a way, that it would fit the character just perfectly. In case you want to write some of your ideas down, slide down the window until you see a couple of lists: “MMO Names Generated” and “Favorite Names”. The later of them can be used as a temporary notebook: write down whatever you want, just don’t forget to take a copy before you leave the website!

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