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Thanks for using this metal band name generator! One of the most important rules of business is “attract the attention of target audience” and what you should know is that it applies to the industry of music too. We are not going to try to convince you that a really cool band name can do miracles and serve as sufficient bases for a successful career, though. Whether you’ll be able to maintain this attention and turn the target audience in to a stable fan base is a different question. But if you use this metal band name generator choose a really cool and interesting name, at least you will get the chance to try.
Make the right choice and your name won’t disappear among thousands of names of other new bands striving for a breakthrough. People will give it a couple of minutes to listen to your track and if you have what it takes, if you have a real talent, this won’t be the last track they listen. We all know that although the music market it is overcrowded with wanna-be Jacks Hetfields, good metal groups don’t just lie around, thus when we find one, we hold on it.
And what kind of name has the potential to grab the attention of your target audience? First of all, it has to be original and to raise curiosity. However, you are not a bunch of hipsters and I guess your target audience is not too. Thus any weird name whatsoever won’t work, it also has to be pretty badass. This does not mean that your name must include words like “satan”, “anal” or “Christ” and “insert_any_insulting_word” in the same sentence. But it has to be challenging. Thus while developing the database for this metal name generator we looked at various lists of coolest metal group names ever (as voted by people) and tried to come up with something that would have just as much wit, power and energy within it.
You can check this system and see whether we have succeeded or not! One suggestion should already be generated and provided for your judgment right below this text. If you want to see more (and you definitely should)- click the button below this text and a next suggestion will appear right in front of you. We hope you and your group-mates will find this metal band name generator useful! Good luck in your career!

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