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Thanks for choosing this medieval name generator! Although in some books and movies middle ages are portrayed in a purely negative light- as the time of darkness, illiteracy, ignorance and superstition- I actually love everything about this historical period. As for one reason, the image of Middle Ages as the time of darkness is largely deceptive. Sure, the average medieval citizen was superstitious and illiterate. In fact, due to the populations’ inability to read most workshops and shops did not use signs as we know them today. Instead, they used to make huge models that showed craftsmen’s trade. However, there were some great minds among medieval people and they have left us variety of tools and appliances that are still used today. For example: the sector, the pendulum, the pump, the hydrostatic balance and the lodestone.
However, the greatness of scientists, inventors and thinkers who are now long gone is not the reason why i have decided to create this medieval name generator. To tell you the truth, I adore this historical period simply because it was so romantic. Despite all the negative things associated with Middle Ages, in my mind it will always be the period of great bravery, honor, loyalty and countless mysteries. And I cannot think of a better setting for the film or book than a small medieval town, surrounded by working fields and dark woods. Unfortunately, the book authors and screenwriters who work on the development of such products usually have one common problem. They find it difficult to come up with tens of names that would be beautiful, melodic, memorable and at the same time old enough to sound realistically.
I believe that this medieval name generator is a solution to this and similar problems. Not only will it help you to come up with great names for all of your book/screenplay characters. It will also come in handy if you decide to put your work away and play some role playing games that bring you back to the Middle Ages. So what do you have to do to get a first suggestion? Absolutely nothing, it is already waiting for you right below this text! But if you decide it is worth to see some more suggestions (and you should), click on the button that reads “Generate Medieval Names”. So go ahead and start looking! We hope you will find this medieval name generator useful!

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