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Thanks for using this mage name generator! Everyone knows that wizards are among the most common characters in fantasy movies and that’s how it has been since the beginning of cinematic history. Before that, mages featured in books and myths. I guess you just can’t afford to have a miraculous world full of dragons and other kinds of magical creatures, who are not always willing to work for the benefit of humankind (to say the least), without having a powerful mage who would be willing to land a hand for the “righteous ones” when things get tough. We have to admit that mages make great evil characters too. Just think about Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter books and movie series or the White Wizard from the Chronicles of Narnia.
Having this in mind we have developed an advanced mage name generator, which will help you find names for all sorts of characters that engage in witchcraft, were they kind and selfless or malevolent and greedy. Surely, good vs. evil is not the only division that makes thousands of mage characters differ from each other. Book authors and screenwriters demonstrate a great deal of creativity when portraying wizards. In some stories they appear in the “classical form”- as wise men, with long gray hair and silver beards so long, you get an impression they must at least 2000 years old. Merlin, White Wizard and Albus Dumbledore clearly belong to this category. By the way, I have noticed that on numerous websites fantasy fans have voted the last of these wizards as their favorite one. Seeing that most people have sympathy for this kind of characters, we made sure that the database of this mage name generator includes plenty of names that are similar to Albus Dumbledore. Exodus Blazewater, Micah Bleakmourne, Tristan Clearstrife, Roderic Greyrun, Amalric Lightheart- these are just a few of them.
As we have already mentioned, there are plenty of different ways to portray a wizard. In some books and movies they are portrayed as modern men who look and behave just like us (well at least in most respects). If you prefer this type of mages, you will surely find some names for them using this system. By the way, the mage name generator that you have just found could be helpful for all those who are thinking about becoming professional magicians, illusionists, and need a pseudonym that would be powerful and catchy enough for the world of show business!

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