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Thanks for using this magazine name generator! No I’m not going to pretend to be any better than I actually am: I do judge the books by their covers, I do judge magazines by their names… And I think that most of you actually do the same. What else could we do when the store shelves and the internet are just flooded with magazines? What is the better way to sort out the trash from gold? Are we supposed to “give a chance” for each and every one of them and read a couple of articles to decide whether the publication is worth our attention? But then we would haven’t time for anything else and I am not the kind of person who could spend most of the day at home, polishing nails and going through magazines. And I assume you won’t say that judging the magazine based on its cover photo is any less superficial, more reliable way to form the opinion…
So what we are left with is the judging the new magazines based on their names and this is one of the main reasons why we decided that those of you who are planning to dive into this business could use a magazine name generator. Now before you start using it, you should know that a good title has to be indicative of the content and attract the attention of you target audience. For example, if you are aiming at people who are already in their forties and above, you should not call you magazine SWAG. If you do anything like that, people who have reached their twenties won’t even touch it and the teenagers you attract will be highly disappointed once they realize that the names of your articles are “10 Best Recipes for a Big Family”, “VDH Announced About their Plans to Invest into Pharmacy” and so on…
Now we do not expect that all of you who have landed on this magazine name generator are actually planning on launching your own publication. I guess some of you are here looking for ideas on how to name the fictitious magazines you are planning to mention in your books, screenplays and so on. This is not an uncommon thing to do. In fact, in The Simpsons and Futurama alone there are plenty of fictitious magazines: American Breast Enthusiast, Playdude, Successful, Juggs and Ammo, National Pornographic, Victoria’s Circuit, Playbot and so on… Whatever you are looking for, we hope that this magazine name generator will meet your expectations!

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