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Thanks for using this leprechaun name generator! So although this mythological creature comes from Irish fairies and folklore, you don’t have to be Irish to be familiar with leprechauns. Yes… They are the same small guys (or in most cases, old men) that walk around all dressed in green, with pants ending just a little below their knees, matching jackets and hats. They are also often portrayed as having longish red beards and constantly smoking pipes. Another commonly accepted “fact” about these creatures is that they are hardworking and pretty greedy: leprechauns spend most of their time crafting shoes and store their revenues (golden coins) in the pots at the end of the rainbow.
I think it is safe to say that the fame of leprechauns among non-Gaelic nations (and in turn, the reason we decided to place this leprechaun name generator online, where it would be available to all of you) has a lot to do with the spread of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. As you might know, in the 21th century this day is used as a reason for partying all across Europe and the Northern America. There is even a joke about one day in a year when everyone suddenly becomes Irish and I guessed there is no need to tell you what day is being mentioned in it. Although many of us use Saint Patrick’s Day as an excuse to raise a glass of bear with our friends (preferably in some cozy Irish pub nearby), I have noticed that majority of people have some false believes about this celebration. So before you start to use this leprechaun name generator, here are a several things you probably had wrong about St. Patrick’s Day.
First of all, Saint Patrick himself was not Irish. This man, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, was actually born a Roman Britain and first came to the island as a slave at the age 16. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the pubs is not an old tradition. In fact, it was not that long ago that the law which required for all the pubs in Ireland to be closed on this religious celebration was eliminated. Third and the most unexpected: the correct way to call this celebration would be St. Patrick’s Day and St. Paddy’s day. Now enough of interesting facts! You came here for a name, so go ahead and start using this leprechaun name generator!

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