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Thanks for using this Latin name generator! Before you start using this system, we thought you might want to learn a little about this language itself. It will help you understand why Latin names sound the way they do and why are they so familiar to some of the names that are still common in Romance speaking countries. So Latin is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Indo-European language and belongs to the same family as most European languages. Although Latin is no longer spoken, it still echoes in other languages and is used by some members of Christian clergy, scholars and students. These are not the only reasons we believe this Latin name generator will be useful for the widest range of people, but let’s discuss them in some more detail.
Portuguese, French, Romanian and Italian, the languages that descended from Vulgar Latin during the 6th-9th centuries, still have a lot of similarities to Latin. To illustrate this, we are going to give you the translations of a simple English sentence She always closes the window before she dines. In ancient Latin this sentence would sound as follows: Ea semper antequam cenat fenestram claudit. Now here is what a Portugese, Italina, French and Romanian people would say in the exactly same situation: Ela fecha sempre a janela antes de jantar/cear, (Ella/Lei) chiude sempre la finestra prima di cenare, Elle ferme toujours la fenêtre avant de dîner/souper,Ea închide întotdeauna fereastra înainte de a lua cina (accordingly). Considering the links between these languages, you should not be surprised that some of the names suggested by Latin name generator will be quite similar to the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian ones. In fact, some of them might be similar to the names that are still common in most countries, as Latin, which travelled along with Christianity, had a great impact all over the world.
You are not sure where exactly to use this system yet? Here are a few suggestions. Firstly, it could help you find an original and melodic name for you book/movie/game character or even a child. Secondly, it could come in handy if you are looking for some interesting pseudonym, nickname, penname, stage name, etc. We are sure that once you start using this Latin name generator, you will get some ideas of your own. So just click the button and let the search begins! We hope you will find exactly what you are looking for and more.

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