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Thanks for using this last name generator! Although in most countries there are laws that allow people to choose whatever surname they want, the number of people who actually use this opportunity remains relatively insignificant. This is why we have developed this last name generator primarily as a tool for book authors and screen writers. I know that most of you think that last names are of lesser important in comparison to the first names and I can understand where this attitude comes from. In the course of your story, you will probably be using it last name less often (especially if the setting and tone of your book/screenplay is not exactly formal).
However, I highly doubt that this kind of attitude does you any favor. Even if you are only going to use the characters last name upon introducing him to the reader, and than once or twice until the last page of your book, it will partially determine what kind of impression the character will leave on the audience. Consciously or not, we usually make certain guesses based on the characters surname alone. It gives us hints about where the character comes from, what was the social context in which he was raised and in turn indicates about his deep-seated psychological features. So if you asked me, I would suggest you take enough time to look trough the suggestions provided by this system and do make sure that the last name you choose sends exactly the message you want.
Maybe you are looking for pseudonym, that would hide you real identity and keep your family safe from excessive media attention? If this is the case, I believe this last name generator is exactly what you need. Changing the surname will effectively cut you off from the family tree, while by keeping your real first name you will be able to maintain ties with your real-life personality. The system we have developed could come in handy in variety of other cases too. For example, if you are playing Sims and run out of ideas on how to name your new family… Whatever is the purpose that you are going to use this last name generator for, we hope it meets your expectations. So how do you start looking for that perfect surname? Just click the button below this text and wait a second for the system to come up with one original suggestion!

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