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Thanks for choosing this kingdom name generator! It is almost impossible to write great story without an adequate setting. And of course, when we talk about the setting, we must think not only about physical place, but time and social context too. Both of these are extremely important for variety of reasons. For example, certain events might seem plausible if they were to happen in Middle Ages, bus completely unbelievable in our days. Social context, respectively, has a huge influence on how we perceive the whole story and interpret the motives of characters. However, I believe that the physical world in which the story plays out is most significant aspect for a writer to consider and this is why I have developed this kingdom name generator.
To support the claim about the importance of physical setting we have to remember some of the greatest books and movies, for example, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter series. Have you read the original books? If you did, you must know that they just take you out of your room (or wherever you are sitting) straight into the breathtaking world of fantasy. While reading them, you imagine the places in which they are set so vividly, you can almost feel the smells. The importance of physical setting is even more obvious in the movies that were built based on these books. As for me, I have to admit that the beauty of the sceneries is among the main reasons why I was so fascinated by these films. That is definitely one of the things that make me want to watch them over and over again, although there is no intrigue left in the narrative itself: I just love to revisit these fascinating worlds, even if only in my imagination.
Coming up with a great physical setting, was it the whole world, a kingdom or just a city, takes a great talent and a lot of work. You have to think of each and every detail and the name of a place is not the least important of them. Our hope is that with the help of this kingdom name generator you will be able to find a really inspiring name that will bring you one step closer to your final goal: writing an unforgettable story. By the way, this Kingdom name generator will also come in handy if you are playing some video game!

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