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So did you came here to find the name for your game character or did you just follow the link to this Khajiit name generator out of pure curiosity, hoping to find out what are we offering here? If you would rather agree with the second part of this question, here is some information. What hides behind the weird Arabian-Indian sounding word “Khajiit” is the wonderful feline race, known for its intelligence and agility. And where do these fascinating creatures live? In the continent called Tamriel, mostly in the province of Elsewyr. Don’t worry, this is not something you should know about from your geography lessons. This is a fictional place: the setting of The Elder Scrolls game series.
I guess there is no need to explain you what kind of game this is… I understand some people might not be aware about all the races inhabiting Tamriel and thus do not know what this Khajiit name generator is all about, but if you lived to this day without ever hearing about one of the most popular game series ever and if you are not even from North Korea… Well, then you must write me were your hiding place was. I want to know it in case the third world war breaks out.
No all jokes aside, let’s talk about this Khajiit name generator. I developed this system because the names typical to this beast race are rather strange and difficult to come up with. Even the gamers who have been playing The Elder Scrolls for years are not always able to think of realistic names for this kind of characters. Understandably, the beginners are usually even worse at this and the names they choose range from lame to so-lame-it’s-hilarious mostly. Anyway, it is not even that important who can and who can’t come up with a cool Khajiit name. The fact is that dealing with this task without any help is a waste of time. It is way more practical to use this automatic system which works really fast and could provide you with thousands of names to choose from.
So here is how you start looking: just find the button that reads “Generate Khajiit Names” and click on it! Yap… That is all it takes for you to get a new suggestion. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Well, we tried to make this Khajiit name generator as convenient as possible!

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