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Thanks for using this generator! Unless you were born in Japan, I hardly doubt that you could come up with a realistic Japanese name without relying on some help… And neither could I. Surely, we all could throw together some syllables that sound exotic and call it a name… Maybe we could even imitate Japanese pronunciation. But what would happen the moment when a person who actually originates from this country, or simply can speak the language, would see our little invention? They would call it false within a blink of an eye!
This might not be particularly important if you are going to use the name among people who are all English (insert any other non-Japanese nation you can think of). However, if you are going to play some massively multiplayer online role playing game or participate in some online social network that gathers people from all over the world, you will really need this Japanese name generator in order not to make a fool auto of yourself. We bet you wouldn’t want to go with some made-up name just to find out that it actually has a meaning in Japanese and that meaning is not exactly nice, to say the least. I think you have seen some pictures that capture people wearing clothes with absolutely random English phrases on it, so you know how stupid (although in some cases, the word “hilarious” would be more appropriate) it looks..
Now enough let’s talk about what this name generator has to offer. It will provide you with thousands of different Japanese names that are beautiful, melodic and meaningful. In order to build a database for this system I used the dictionary of Japanese names, which also provides pronunciations in English. As I cannot read Japanese hieroglyphs myself, I cannot guarantee you by 100% that all the English versions match the Japanese ones absolutely perfectly. However, I am pretty sure that the people who were working on this dictionary knew what they are doing, so there shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises.
So what are you waiting for? Click on the button that reads “Generate Japanese Names” and see what we’ve got here! If you do not like what you see, just keep clicking the button until something decent comes up. Good luck using this Japanese name generator and if you like it, please recommend it to your friends!

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