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Thanks for using this Irish name generator! As you already know, Irish and English histories are closely intervened. England had a great influence on Irish, as well as Scottish, culture and this influence did not spare the language. For many ears most of Irish population has actually used English not only in the public sphere, but also at home. This situation has started to change only recently, with various movements trying to save and revive Gaelic language in the region. As for the day, there are numerous organizations encouraging families to send their children to Gaelscoils, where they would learn the language of their ancestors, and their efforts are giving considerable results.
As part of this process, more and more newborns are given traditional Gaelic names. Of course, parents who do not speak Gaelic as their mother tongue and are highly influenced by English culture find it pretty difficult to find a beautiful name of this particular origin. We hope that this Irish name generator will make their task at least a little bit easier. Plus, we expect this system to help all the gamers, book authors and screenwriters to find perfect names for their Irish characters.
Now in order to make use of everything this Iris name generator has to offer, you will need some additional information. So here it comes… Every time you click the button that reads “Generate Irish Names” a suggestion you are looking at is replaced by a new one. However, it does not disappear into nowhere: it is simply sent to the separate section titled “Irish Names Generated” (you will find it below in this same window). Needless to say, not all the names you see will be of equal value for you: some of them might really impress you, while the others might seem too weird, difficult to pronounce or unacceptable due to some other reasons. You can sort out the options you would like to take under further consideration by transferring them to the section titled “Favorite Names”. And how do you do that? As everything else on this website, it is extremely easy. Just click on the names you like and they will be immediately added to your favorites.
If the additional features offered alongside this Iris name generator alone do not help you to make the final choice, you should use other websites to find out the meaning of your favorite names. This should make your decision easier!

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