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So the reason why I have decided to start working on this indie band name generator is that there are so many young groups with such terrible, miserable names. Making ridiculous choices in this sphere is not something that is typical for the musicians who are starting their careers nowadays only, so although I might be tempted to blame recent tendencies on the stupid modern trends (excuse me for sounding like a grandpa this time, I promise not to do this again)- I can’t. It seems like picking lame band names was “a thing” among musicians for a while now. I decided it is time to do something to solve this problem and that’s how this indie name generator was born. Please, use it to pick a cool name and don’t destroy your career with your own hands.
Now let’s make it clear right now: when I use the word “right” I do not mean that the name MUST indicate the style of music you are playing or be very “meaningful”. Just look at the names like Foo Fighters, Nickelback and Limp Bizkit. Do they make much sense? No. In fact, the readers of Rolling Stone voted them to be among the dumbest band names ever. But if you look at numbers of albums these groups have sold it is obvious that the names have not stood as an insurmountable obstacle on their way towards success. Even The Beatles made it to this list and it is one of the best selling, most influential bands in history! No of course, you could say that with such a talent and potential these musicians were doomed for successes, regardless of how bad the names of their bands were. But I think there is more to it. Their names are daring and original with a pinch of pure weird (or at least they were for that time) and we have to admit it: as long as you don’t abuse it, being weird is a great way to attract sustainable attention.
While developing the database for this indie band name generator we have drawn inspiration from the names of classic indie bands that have already made it to Billboard’s lists and looked for ideas among the names of new groups. The result is an extremely rich, colorful palette of names that I can be proud of. So go ahead and check it out! All you have to do to get a suggestion is click the button below this text!

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