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Thanks for choosing this horse name generator! We have to admit that horses no longer play the same role in our lives as they did a century ago. Back than these animals accompanied man both while he was doing his daily chores and during the times of great unrest: they brought him to wars and died alongside. However, there are still some people who raise horses as a working force or as friends and companions. Maybe you have just acquired this faithful companion too? If this is the case, you are pretty lucky to have found this horse name generator. Picking the name for your four-legged friend is kind of an important task. After all, you are probably hoping to be calling it for years to come, so it better be good.
While developing the database for this system we have tried to avoid the names that are too difficult or simply worn-off. However, people have different tastes and what might sound as a wonderful name for one person, could be absolutely repulsive for another. In order to take these interpersonal differences into account, we have included names of various styles and types. We cannot guarantee that you will like all of them, but we are absolutely sure about one thing: the sheer amount of options that are currently at your fingertips makes it almost impossible that you will not be able to appreciate any of them. Some of the names we have included are historical. Adios, Ajax, Arcle, Buckpasser, Black Caviar, Longfellow, Master Charlie, Kelso, Nasrullah, Regret, Admiral, Sunline, Skewball, Shergar, Sea Bird, Red Rum, Niastross, Lexington, La Troienne, Iroquois- these names belonged to some of the most famous race horses in history, so maybe they will bring a good luck for you and your horse too!
By no means are horse owners the only people who might find this horse name generator useful. We believe that this system will also come in handy for book authors, screenwriters and gamers who have trouble coming up with melodic, powerful and original names for their characters. However, the only way for you to see whether this horse name generator is exactly what you have been looking for is to start using it. So go ahead and click the button right below this text! As soon as you do it, the system will generate an original suggestion. We hope you will like it!

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