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Thanks for using this hipster name generator! Defining the term “hipster” is rater difficult, as the subculture it refers to is actually a combination of different trends, images and lifestyles, which is always changing and absorbing new elements. However, you always know the hipster when you see one. And although these people often end up in the centre of criticism and mockery, there is something about them that wins my heart. They are original, they always stand out of the crowd, they are not afraid to try something new and to break a few norms. When you are among them, you can feel the freedom, creativity and subtle joy of life in the air.
Do you feel like you belong when you are among the people who adhere to this loosely defined subculture? If the answer is yes, you definitely won’t regret using this hipster name generator to find a cool nickname. Trends of naming are quite powerful and thus in every generation there are some names that are extremely common. If you are tired of sharing the same name with a several classmates/coworkers/friends, it is about time to do something to solve this problem. Legally changing your name is one possible solution, but it has quite a few drawbacks. In most countries this legal procedure is pretty complicated and you would probably have to spend quite a lot of time in various government institutions, filling in papers and just waiting in ques. Even more importantly, your real name represents a certain part of your identity and I would not advice breaking ties with it completely. Plus, you can never be sure that you won’t regret this decision in a couple of years. Thus we believe that the second way to avoid hearing your boring name too often is to use this hipster name generator to find a cool nickname.
The system we have developed is also perfect if you are looking for an original name for your child. For example, you could name your baby Brooklyn, Ray (in honor of legendary musician Ray Charles or just as a reference to the most hip sunglasses Ray-Ban, Iver (in honor of Bon Iver), Allen (the name inspired by leading poet Allen Ginsberg; if you want something even more original, you could use French version- Alain), Lennon (if you admire The Beatles) or Orson (if you are a fan of screen writer and film director Orson Welles). You will get many more ideas once you start using this hipster name generator!

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