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Thanks for using this Harry Potter name generator! I remember when Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone landed in my hands for the first time, I was trying to read it as slow as possible, so the book would last longer. Then, when I read the last page and had to close the book, it was weeks until I actually left the fascinating world created by J. K. Rowling and returned into reality. I recall that for a certain time I was really sad I wasn’t born a witch, have to live with mugs and study in a boring, normal school instead of an old and mysterious castle. I bet that if you have read any of Harry Potter books, you are familiar with this feeling. The same feeling returned after I saw the first Harry Potter movie.
It would be really hard to come up with something as good as the books authored by J.K. Rowling. We have to admit that this lady, who started writing her novels on the napkins, has unordinary talent. However, you will never know what you can and cannot do, unless you try. So would you like to try and write the story that would tell the world what happened in Hogwarts after Harry, Hermione and Ron left it? Could you write down the adventures that their kids got into? We believe you could, especially if you used this Harry Potter name generator as a source of inspiration. You don’t believe it can provide you with some great ideas? Well just read some of the names, close your eyes and see what happens. We bet that as soon as you do that, you will get an image of some talented and charming young which, or malevolent and power-hungry wizard.
This Harry Potter name generator could also come in handy for those of you who love role playing. It is designed to help you name the characters created in the spirit of Harry Potter books. However, the names you are going to be suggested will fit any quirky British character. I could give you some examples, but it is best if you just go and check out this Harry Potter name generator by yourself. After all, it is better to try something once than to hear about it a hundred times. So just click the button right below this text and an original name will appear right in front of you!

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