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Thanks for using this hacker name generator! The meaning of the word hacker seems quite obvious, but this is only until you try to define it. And when you do… Well I can’t say anything about you in particular, but when asked what exactly the word “hacker” means most people appears to have no better answer than “well it is somebody who is very good with computers and can break into them…”. We are not trying to mock these people for the lack of knowledge or anything. First of all, if this is not their field of interest definition like this can be absolutely sufficient. I’m sure that hackers could not tell much more about, let’s say, the sinologists too. Second, even people who work with computers, IT specialists and hackers themselves often disagree about the true meaning and appropriate use of the word hacker. Before you go ahead and start using this hacker name generator, you might want to hear a little about this strange controversy.
So the definition we are all familiar with would probably go something like this: hacker is somebody who exploits weaknesses in computer network and computer system for personal gain, profit, as a form of protest or just while taking it as a personal challenge. It is usually assumed that these “computer geniuses” are more or less evil and cause harm to others either on purpose, or as a collateral damage. Either way, they are not the members of society that deserves most respect. When we use this word in mainstream context it usually has this meaning, but as I have already said- it is controversial. For example, some people point out that there are actually two types of hackers: the malevolent ones (black hats) and computer security experts (white hats). They suggest that the term “hacker” should only be used to refer to white hats, meanwhile black hats deserve the name crackers!
But enough of the contexts… If you are interested in this dispute, you can find some more detailed info on the internet. For now, here is how you use this hacker name generator. Keep clicking the button that reads “Generate Hacker Names” until you see a cool suggestion, than slide down the window to find it in the Hacker Names Generated”. Once you click on the name, it will be added to your favorites list. That is all you have to know, so go ahead and start using this hacker name generator!

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